Specializations and Typical Per Diem Rates*
Category Per Diem Rate Range*
Project Leader / Executive $825-895
Project Manager $790-995
Project Planner $340-450
Project Administrator $195-350
Project Coordinator (clerical version) $195-350
Risk Management Specialist $795-995
Procurement Specialist $835-895
Technical Writer $475-550
Quality Assurance / Management Specialist $795-995
Project Monitor $795-895
Business Analyst $625-1250
Business Architect $695-1395
Business Consultant $625-1250
Business System Analyst $625-995
Business Transformation Architect $825-1295
Change Management Consultant $795-1495

* Per diem rates are shown for demonstrative purposes and should not be construed as firm offers. Rates will vary with the experience of the individual, and the particular assignment; and might be reduced for long-term or government assignments.  Contact us for the latest rates, and a discussion of the work you need to have done.