Risk Management Specialist - Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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Conducting risk assessments and evaluating potential risk and losses;
Identifying project and procurement risks;
Reviewing and auditing claims;
Recommending alternative solutions, methodologies and strategies for risk mitigation and management;
Assisting in prioritization and assignment of risks;
Assisting in the development and/or implementation of Risk Management Plans;
Developing and managing the implementation of Risk Management Plans (safety programs) to identify, analyze, plan, track, evaluate and control project risks on a continuous basis throughout the project life cycle;
Coaching, mentoring and training project teams in risk mitigation techniques;
Developing and implementing business continuity plans;
Developing crisis and emergency communication and/or management planning strategies;
Reviewing the organization's insurance and risk management programs and making recommendations regarding coverage improvements, administration, loss control and financing mechanisms;
Providing leadership and support to the design, implementation and evaluation of clients products/services performance measures, risk management and risk mitigation strategies;
Documenting process improvements;
Preparing reports for internal or external publication (Corporate Services, Policy, Communications)
Liaising with and interviewing stakeholders, as required, to obtain, clarify and exchange information, in-order to co-ordinate and manage the Risk Assessment Process;
Identifying, confirming and documenting the risk tolerance for the process, project, program, or strategic risk and using this tolerance to guide all analysis, assessment and recommendations undertaken or produced;
Identifying, confirming and documenting the objectives and priorities specific to the process, project, program or strategic direction being assessed, feasibility studies;
Identifying relevant risks and opportunities (including, but not limited to, economic, political, operational, legal, reputation, technical, organizational, accounting, banking and social risks) that threaten the objectives and priorities;
Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative techniques, as appropriate, to assess the likelihood that a risk event will occur; and/or the impact if the risk event occurs;
Recommending a ranked-order for risks and opportunities identified;
Recommending and documenting suggested Risk Responses necessary to manage the likelihood and/or impact of the identified risks;
Performing Control Risk Assessments and analysis, which may include statistical sampling and analysis of existing controls;
Assisting with the on-going monitoring of risk and assisting with the implementation of risk response/mitigation strategies;
Preparing draft and finalized risk assessments, briefing notes, presentations and papers related to risk management, and developing and updating risk management plans; and
Providing advice with respect to risk management best practices and providing guidance and direction to assist in managing risk.