Quality Assurance/ Management Specialist
- Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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Developing, deploying and evaluating policies, procedures, standards, initiatives, metrics, forms and tools for the quality management system;
Verifying and confirming if the quality management system's process assets (policies, procedures and standards) are being adhered to;
Leading process improvement initiatives, and facilitating/coaching teams which are performing process improvement initiatives;
Managing and monitoring all aspects of the Quality Management System;
Conducting conformance audits of the Quality Management System. Reporting results and recommending appropriate corrective actions to deal with the non-conformances;
Tracking and reporting on the implementation of corrective actions. Confirming that corrective actions effectively addressed the root-causes of the non-conformances;
Contributing to the development and implementation of an integrated approach to quality, risk and performance management for the organization;
Providing leadership and support to the design, implementation and evaluation of performance/quality measurements of clients products/services (Program assessment/ranking and reporting, performance measurement capacity building, business performance/excellence)
Using multiple Quality Management methodologies and tools to address the organization's business needs (Measurement and management of organizational performance);
Developing process management by application of continuous improvement methodology;
Preparing reports concerning the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the Quality Management Systems for internal or external publication which could be communicated to project management team through oral or written presentations (Basic statistical analysis techniques, questionnaire design and survey analysis. Ability to influence others, at all levels in the organization); and
Liaising with and interviewing quality management specialists from other organizations.