Project Monitor - Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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Following-up on projects, major Crown projects and/or sensitive or complex project initiatives, where Canada requires a third party opinion.
Assisting project management professionals in project monitoring and coordination;
Providing administrative and technical support as required to the project team;
Participating in meetings with project management professionals and other stakeholders (internal and external) to ensure project is progressing, project goals are being met and expected results are being achieved;
Ensuring project and contract activities, deliverables, milestones, timelines and financial commitments are tracked and commitments are being fulfilled;
Communicating and coordinating meetings with project management professionals and other executive and customer stakeholders on matters related to the project;
Performing a liaison role amongst all project management, executives and customer stakeholders;
Preparing monthly, quarterly, yearly financial and project reports and other project monitoring reports to management and executives; and
Preparing annual reports, project progress reports, results achieved reports, lesson learned documentation and recommendations for improvement documentation at the executive level.