Project Manager - Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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•Planning and coordinating project management activities including financial, planning and contracting aspects;
•Planning and organizing a project management office;
•Giving briefings on progress and concerns of project;
•Coordinating and preparing documentation in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports, returns and observations to update management on project progress;
•Planning and coordinating the activities of project personnel, internal customers, contractors and other support providers;
•Preparing formal work breakdown structure and compliance charts;
•Producing draft plans and sections for incorporation into the Project Implementation Plan;
•Preparing draft evaluation plans, criteria and evaluation schedules;
•Developing, planning, analyzing, evaluating and prioritizing deliverables and requirements;
•Defining and documenting development team objectives;
•Determining and obtaining budgetary requirements, composition, roles, responsibilities and terms of reference for the team;
•Planning, directing and controlling the activities of a project team within scheduled time and cost parameters;
•Monitoring the design, implementation and operations start up of the project against established goals, objectives and milestones;
•Reporting progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle;
•Meeting with stakeholders and other project managers and stating problems in a form capable of being solved;
•Preparing plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analyzing or displaying problems;
•Working with a variety of project management tools;
•Formulating and managing project plans by defining deliverables, identifying key milestones, reviewing project progress, and engaging in ongoing risk management;
•Coordinating and directing project team(s) in order to meet project objectives for content, quality, costs, and schedules;
•Ensuring management staff is provided with timely and accurate project information and status updates
•Developing project control and reporting procedures and managing changes in operational plan;
•Conducting post project reviews / lessons learned;
•Contributing to the organization’s strategic and business planning initiatives (e.g., identifying strategic goals and objectives and implementing initiatives to achieve them, Policy Development, Standards Development and Program Review)
•Assuming leadership at the appropriate phases of planning, action, and evaluation;
•Recognizing and taking action on opportunities to combine professional resources through partnering arrangements (e.g., multi-disciplinary practices); and
•Contributing to development of organizational vision and mission.