Project Leader/ Executive - Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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•Assessing the organization's capacity/capability to undertake and successfully deliver a project in the context of the overall program or portfolio program or portfolio priorities through strategic planning;
•Advising Senior Management on a range of issues affecting the organization's ability to achieve the project's business objectives;
•Assisting in the prioritization and assignment of projects within the program/portfolio;
•Managing several Senior Project Managers, each responsible for an element of the project/program/portfolio and it’s associated team (e.g. project and financial management);
•Meeting with organizational executives to ensure all organizational (internal and external) stakeholders are committed to moving forward on the project (e.g. opportunity evaluation);
•Formulating statements of problems; establishing procedures for the development and implementation of significant, new or modified project, program or portfolio elements to solve these problems, and obtaining approval thereof;
•Managing the implementation of a project/program/portfolio to identify, analyze, plan, track and control progress on a continuous basis;
•Making recommendations and providing advice for improvements and assisting in developing solutions and implementing recommendations (e.g. policy development and standards development);
•Preparing and presenting findings, status and other relevant matters;
•Overseeing the development of a Project Business Case (e.g. business planning and program review);
•Managing Program changes in accordance with the change management process; and
•Motivating the team to ensure commitment to the program’s objectives.