Procurement Specialist - Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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Planning and coordinating procurement activities including financial estimates, business requirements and contracting options (project procurement management, cost and estimate Management, sole source versus RFP process,);
Providing briefings on progress and concerns of procurement (Contract process management);
Planning, coordinating, preparing and controlling documentation for procurement plan and process, depending on method of procurement;
Planning and coordinating the activities of project contractors and other support providers (Procurement integration in Project Management);
Preparing, reviewing and/or finalizing Statement of Work for potential procurement;
Preparing draft selection methodologies, evaluation plans, evaluation criteria (mandatory and point rated) and evaluation schedules for procurement;
Developing, planning, analyzing, evaluating and prioritizing deliverables and requirements (Bid evaluation);
Monitoring the implementation and operations of the contract against established goals, objectives and milestones;
Reporting progress of the contract on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the lifecycle;
Identifying potential problems and propose solutions;
Ensuring management staff is provided with timely and accurate project information and status updates;
Developing and implementing procurement control, monitoring of system contract delivery and continuing service delivery and reporting procedures and managing changes;
Conducting post procurement reviews and contractor evaluations / lessons learned; and
Leading or participating in negotiations and developing procurement process and/or business process maps.