Business Architect - Typical Duties
(these vary with the assignment)       
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•Developing policies and rules that allow an organization to carry out its mandate and functional responsibilities, and that govern the organization’s actual and planned capabilities in terms of data, human resources, communication facilities and management responsibilities;
•Conducting an assessment of the project's business architecture, process and performances;
•Recommending changes to improve operational performance;
•Ensuring consistency and integration with the organization's and government architectures and business strategies;
•Evaluating the feasibility of the architecture and technologies related to a business change;
•Developing principles of operation and concept of operations;
•Identifying risks associated with the architecture and technologies and recommending risk mitigation;
•Advising Senior Management on trends and emerging technologies and their impact on the organization's and government architectures and business strategies;
•Recommending alternative solutions, methodologies and strategies;
•Assisting in the prioritization and assignment of architectural improvements;
•Developing and/or implementing architectural improvement plans;
•Managing the development and implementation of an architectural improvement plan; and
•Coaching, mentoring and training the organization.